Cynthia Morgan Accuses Nigerians of Bullying Mohbad’s Father.

Cynthia Morgan Accuses Nigerians of Bullying Mohbad's Father.

Cynthia Morgan claims that Mohbad’s father is being harassed by Nigerians.

Her tweet is a reaction to recent remarks made by Mohbad’s father.

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, better known by her stage name Madrina, has attacked her own countrymen, alleging that they are. “Bullying” Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father.

She made a message on her Instagram story early on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, defending the late singer’s father.

“You all shout justice kinikan, and now you are bullying Baba Mohbad so you mean a grieving father is lying. About all these things? Take for example, he was a rich man, will his daughter-in-law dare say she. Wouldn’t go for DNA?” she uttered. Mohbad was bullied until his death in front of everyone.

Anywhere you read a management write-up, don’t use your head and tell yourself that you can never make sense again.”

When Mohbad’s father recently made comments to the press in which he claimed to be perplexed by a will and. Testament that his son had supposedly thumb written, he was met with criticism and backlash.

“When I learned that the 26-year-old had a will, I was really surprised. As a sixty-year-old father, I don’t have anything comparable. Although I have never considered creating a will, a 26-year-old lad did write one, which is capital No.

When it came to signing a will, Mohbad was the kind of person who would never consider thumbprinting it with his hand,” he remarked.

But Mohbad’s management cleared some things up on his Instagram page after his TVC interview, vehemently refuting rumors that the singer had thumb printed any will or other legal documents prior to his passing.

Members of Mohbad’s management team or his attorney have not informed the public or any family members of the existence of a will or any other thumbprint documents, despite recent false reports to the contrary.

We are confident that, in the event that any such documents were created, they would have been filed with the probates registry. As a result, we humbly ask that people not spread misinformation such as this,” the post said in part.

Mohbad’s father encountered some hostility on social media following the release of the post by his management due to his first remarks.


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