Dancer Kaffy Opens up on why she chose Dancing.

Dancer Kaffy Opens up on why she chose Dancing.

Dancer Kaffy discusses her decision to pursue dancing.

For her, dancing turns into a language and a means of expressing feelings.

Kaffy, a professional dancer and holder of a Guinness World Record, has provided insightful commentary about her dance career.

In an interview with Channels Television on Tuesday, January 16, 2024’s Morning Brief, Kaffy revealed the many facets of her inspiration for dancing.

Learning to Dance for Health and Well-Being Kaffy set out on her dance adventure with the intention of being. Fit and healthy “when I started, I was doing it strictly for fitness and wellness because I was using it. For weight loss, because I was a size 16,” she said.

Kaffy stated that she discovered dance to be a freeing instrument for overall well-being, not only for physical health.

Dancing as a Mental Health Sanctuary Kaffy claimed that dancing was a haven for her mental health before she thought. Of it as a career “before I even thought of dancing as a profession, I always saw it as something. To help me with my mental health,” she said she claimed that as Kaffy grew up and faced the difficulties. Of growing up in a home with two parents, dancing turned into her haven, a place where she could go and find herself.

Dancing developed into Kaffy’s safe haven as she grew up through the difficulties of navigating a home with two parents. It was a sacred place where she could escape, find comfort, and learn about herself.

Kaffy became intensely aware of dance’s potential impact on people when she experimented with it at the National Stadium.

She clarified that people required some form of retreat, whether it was for wellness or fitness purposes or simply to have a place to call home.

This insight served as the impetus for her mission to use dance to empower people by establishing a safe haven where they could find inspiration and consolation, much like she had done when she was a little girl.


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