Daniel Adenimokan remarries for third time after parting ways with Actress Stella Damascus.

Daniel Adenimokan remarries for third time after parting ways with Actress Stella Damascus.

Stella Damasus, a Nollywood actress, has finally revealed how her third marriage ended in divorce.

After two failed marriages, Stella wed the filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan in 2011.

The 45-year-old actress finally addressed the issues surrounding her third marriage on a podcast with comic Teju Baby. Face, despite the fact that there have been controversies around it.

She claimed that she had been divorced for three years and is currently single.

The Edo-State-born actress, who began her career as a musician in Lagos but rose to fame after appearing. In the Nollywood film “Breaking Point,” claimed that she learned of the dissolution of her marriage in an unusual way.

She explained how she learned about her divorce: “The man in question traveled; he was supposed to be away for a while and then come back.”

“My phone was humming with notifications, and I began getting calls from friends calling to see how I was doing after hearing rumors that my marriage had broken up.

I then made the decision to search YouTube. And even after that, I didn’t learn that something similar had occurred. Until I received the last call informing me that the marriage was over.

Stella said that she had called her ex-husband, who had informed her that he wouldn’t be coming back from his trip.

The love of his life, named as Tope, was reportedly recently married to her ex-husband, Ademinokan, in Houston, Texas, according to a recent video.

Mr Aboderin, who was also a singer in the band Synergy and the owner of an equipment leasing business, was. The son of Olu Aboderin, who founded Punch Newspaper.

Two girls were born from their union.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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