Davido and Chioma return to Lagos after welcoming twins in the US.

Davido and Chioma return to Lagos after welcoming twins in the US.

After welcoming twins in the US, Davido and his spouse Chioma have returned to Lagos.

When they were spotted, fans erupted in cheers.

After giving birth to their twins in the US back in October 2023, Davido and his wife Chioma have been spotted returning to Lagos.

The musician and his wife are seen in footage going viral on social media on January 25, 2024, having a special dinner and a night out with friends. Enthusiastic spectators roared with approval as they emerged from the building, and a beaming Davido kept saying, “Al’ Pacino’s wife is back,” as Chioma went in front of him. In a different video, they were seen having fun while dancing in a club with their group.

In the days before their twins were born, Chioma had been in the United States of America. Social media was rife with rumors of the singer’s twins’ birth in October 2023, but the artist chose to keep. Them quiet at the moment on Friday, October 13, the couple was photographed outside a hospital while Chioma was seated. In a wheelchair and carrying two newborns.

In addition, a video that Davido’s father recorded in which he constantly referred to himself as a joyful grandfather also. Went viral the public’s perception of the reports appeared to be validated as the video surfaced online.

The singer subsequently disclosed that upon discovering they were expecting twins, both he and his spouse shuddered “when me and. My wife found out, we were shaking and it was in the same month, happened in October and my wife. Gave birth in October, it’s crazy,” he stated in a recent interview.

When Davido shared a photo of himself holding his newborns in an American hospital on his birthday in November 2023, his fans finally got to see their faces.

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