Davido donates over #200m to Nigerian Orphanages across the Federation.

Davido donates over #200m to Nigerian Orphanages across the Federation.

Davido contributes N50m to N200m in friends’ donations to orphanages.

He’s, a well-known singer in Nigeria, has disclosed his plans with the N200 million donated by his fans and friends.

Recall that a few days ago, the vocalist for 30BG requested N1 million from each of his friends and coworkers on his Instagram page.

His first stated that he would require N100m to have his Rolls-Royce cleared at the port.

He exceeded the sum, though, as he had received 200 million in the previous 48 hours.

The musician declared on his Instagram page that the N200 million received would be moreover given to orphanages all throughout the nation.

Additionally, he contributed N50 million of his own money to the total.

“I wish to express my sincere gratitude to friends, fans, colleagues, and the general public for the kind acts of. Love in recent days,” the post said in part.

“In my customary humorous fashion, I asked a few days ago for financial support from my friends and coworkers in honor of my birthday. However i was pleasantly surprised by the reaction because I got N200m in less than two days. I am grateful to everyone.

“In light of this, I’m happy to inform that the Paroche foundation and all funds received, totaling N200 million, will be donated.

“In addition, I will donate another N50 million, bringing the total to N250 million.”

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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