Davido publicly acknowledges Dawson as his second Son.

Davido publicly acknowledges Dawson as his second Son.

Nigerian music superstar Davido has acknowledged the existence of Dawson, the child he allegedly had with Larissa London, his fourth baby mother.

During a conversation on the well-liked AB Talks program, the musician discussed his recently acknowledged child.

Davido joyfully acknowledged his fourth kid and second son, Dawson, as he talked about the significance of naming his girls after his late mother.

He stated, “I named both of my girls after my mother. Hailey is an exact image of my mother, and my second daughter is just like my mother. It’s insane. It’s like she arrived in her. I also have a son by the name of Dawson, and he currently resides in London.

In the past, there had been rumors regarding Davido’s relationship with Larissa London, which raised the possibility of another child.

Fans started the rumors after noticing how much the boy and the artist looked alike.

Although Davido had initially kept quiet about the situation, fresh revelations have now established his relationship to Dawson.

According to reports, the Unavailable singer first wanted to confirm the paternity with a DNA test since he was unsure.

Despite earlier denying any relationship to the child, Dawson Adeleke’s biological relationship to Davido has been conclusively proven by the DNA test findings.

The artist has now acknowledged and publicly spoken about his son, Dawson, after two years of rumors and quiet.

Source – Africanworldentertainment.com

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