Davido says his first experience of a Nigerian Artist taking over the world is Dbanj.

Davido says his first experience of a Nigerian Artist taking over the world is Dbanj.

D’banj – Davido is the first Nigerian artist I’ve heard of who is sweeping the globe.

With his A.W.A.Y festival, Davido is bringing African music to a worldwide audience while showcasing African culture and giving Africans living abroad a chance to get in touch with their ancestors.

Davido recently discussed the process of creating his Grammy-nominated album “Timeless” and the ideas behind his A.W.A.Y musical festival in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

When asked about his relationship with Akon during the interview, Davido revealed that D’banj was the first Nigerian superstar he saw who had a worldwide following, despite the fact that Akon was a great global icon whose African roots influenced other African artists.

One of Africa’s most well-known entertainers, D’banj helped make Afrobeats popular and increased the popularity of Nigerian music outside with his music. Davido has cited his successful song “Oliver Twist” as an inspiration. It is among Nigeria’s first international smash singles.

“The people who truly opened my eyes, even when I was just back home.” It seemed as if we already knew that Akon was African and that he frequently returned home for performances. I’m referring to an artist that we witnessed in Nigeria, who came of age with us and went on to conquer the globe. I initially saw that in D’banj’s “Oliver Twist.”

Over the course of his more than ten-year career, Davido has made a significant impact on the internationalization of Nigerian music.

The superstar was recently nominated for three Grammy awards: Best Global Performance (for “Feel”), Best Global Album (for “Timeless”), and Best African Performance (for “Unavailable,” starring Musa Keys).

With his first A.W.A.Y music festival scheduled for November 18, 2023, Davido is getting ready for the event.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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