Hilda Baci tastes Ghana Jollof Again and Confirmed it good after previous Backlash.

Hilda Baci tastes Ghana Jollof Again and Confirmed it good after previous Backlash.

After the negative reaction to her last taste of Ghana Jollof, Hilda Baci adds, “It’s nice.”

As she delivered a fresh ruling on Ghana Jollof, Hilda Baci once again startled Ghanaians and Nigerians.

Following her declaration in a widely shared video that she would prefer Nigerian Jollof to Ghanaian Jollof, the well-known Nigerian. Chef faced harsh criticism in a podcast interview from the UK, Hilda Baci claimed that Ghana Jollof lacked flavor.

“Nigerian jollof is actually better than Ghana Jollof, I have been to Ghana, I have eaten their jollof, I have. Done a competition with a Ghanaian chef that made his best Jollof and I have seen the recipe,” she claimed.

But Hilda’s story is no longer the same. In a recent video that surfaced, the Nigerian was seen sampling Ghana Jollof once more. When asked what she thought, she responded with laughing, saying that it tasted good.

Hilda is in Ghana because she was seen in a video with Becca, a singer from Ghana, who encouraged her to return and experience Ghana Jlollof.

When questioned later about the Ghana Jollof she had sampled, she responded, “It’s nice, I mean I love the one I just had.” She also responded, “Yes,” when asked if she would be willing to participate in another interview to talk about Ghana Jollof.

Now, would Hilda pick Ghana Jollof over Nigeria Jollof? Unless her latest interview is released, we won’t know.

You can, however, watch the video below and let us know what you think of the just released video, which has also quickly become viral.

The former Guinness World Record holder has returned to Ghana to experience the jollof once more in the wake of the intense backlash. This instance, the decision of

The Ghanaian joke that Baci was sharing with Becca has turned from being unfavorable to quite favorable. As shown in a video on the Instagram feed,

She was heard saying, “Read more: https://yen.com.gh/entertainment/celebrities/246792-hilda-baci-returns-taste-ghana-jollof-u-turn-tasteless-verdict-nice,” after eating. @FameBugs, she was beaming thereafter.

Further information can be found at https://yen.com.gh/entertainment/celebrities/246792-hilda-baci-returns-taste-ghana-jollof-u-turn-tasteless-verdict-nice/.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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