Dj Cuppy receives award for Philanthropy.

Dj Cuppy receives award for Philanthropy.

DJ Cuppy, a well-known Nigerian producer and disc jockey, has won awards for her Cuppy Foundation’s charity achievements.

This was disclosed on her Instagram feed, where she also noted that she had won the Philanthropic Endeavour Leadership award at the Best of Africa Award ceremony. Honoring and showcasing the accomplishments of those with African and Pan-African ancestry is the main goal of the award ceremony.

In her post, Cuppy posted an image of herself smiling and holding her award while wearing a Yoruba ethnic outfit. She thanked the organization in her comment for the honor, expressing her pleasure in being an African while expressing her. Thanks for the prize.

The tweet stated, “Honoured to receive the ‘Philanthropic Endeavour Leadership Award’ thank you @BOA_Awards. Being African is truly my greatest superpower!”

As she accepted her prize she stated, “This award means so much to me because I am being honoured by my own people. I DJ around the world and do a lot of philanthropy but there is something that happens when we get together as Africans. I really believe that when we unite we create more than anyone can handle and that’s what I strive for at. Cuppy Foundation.”

Cuppy is renowned for her kindness and generosity, particularly when it comes to the welfare of Africans in general.

She wants to support future African leaders through her foundation by giving them the information, resources, and networks they need. To have the biggest impact on Africa and beyond.

Cuppy gave £100,000 to the University of Oxford’s African scholarships fund just in April 2023.

A £100,000 donation from music producer DJ Cuppy will help African students at Oxford University.

Earlier this year, the institution granted the Nigerian DJ a master’s degree in African studies.

She claimed that postgraduate African students’ entire commitment to the study they deserved would be made possible by the. Cuppy Fund.

Future “champions of development in African countries and around the world,” according to the institution, would be fostered by the fund.


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