Dj Kay Wise’s Girlfriend almost got kidnapped by Former Workers.

Dj Kay Wise's Girlfriend almost got kidnapped by Former Workers.

DJ Kaywise a former employees nearly his abducted  girlfriend

A Nigerian broadcaster, has provided proof to support her accusations that her boyfriend’s ex-coworkers tried to kidnap her.

Nnena Egwueke, nicknamed Nenny B, shared a video on Instagram demonstrating how her ex-boyfriend’s former employees’ plans were thwarted. The males could be seen carefully positioning themselves outside her house in the video taken from inside her house, seemingly waiting for her to leave.

 DJ Kaywise was meant to pick up a box from a dispatch rider, according to her narration in the video; fortunately, her lover Ayorinde Okiki, nicknamed Dj Kaywise, was nearby and offered to help her intercept the item.

The offenders, including Kaywise’s twin brother Keyinde Ayorinde and Abraham Losa and Tobi Chukwu, were shown in the film looking angry that their plot had failed.

It all started when Nenny G shared a broken heart emoji on her Instagram account with a black background. Following this, her followers voiced their worry in the comment area, asking what was happening. 

Many assumed that she and her boyfriend had broken up or that he had experienced some sort of tragedy.

They published a thorough official press release addressing the subject to her page on Sunday, August 13, 2023. She stated that she had received death threats from an unknown caller in 2021, but after the Nigerian police got. Involved, they learned that the threats were really made by Shola Olabinta, a former employee of Kaywise.

She continued by mentioning that the three men Kaywise had fired from his staff in 2021 nearly abducted her on. July 30, 2023. While those three had been captured, she pointed out that the other conspirators were still at large.

Nenny B didn’t stop there; she also published an official statement from Shola forbidding him from phoning, texting, or being in the same vicinity as Kaywise or herself. She told her followers that she would be posting additional proof.

Although she has received a lot of encouragement in her comment area, some concerned followers have persisted in asking her about the whereabouts of her significant other, who has been absent from social media for several months.


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