Don Jazzy flaunts two newly acquired luxury cars.

Don Jazzy flaunts two newly acquired luxury cars.

Music executive and producer Michael Collins, better known by his stage name Don Jazzy, has resorted to social media to openly showcase his most recent buys in an exhilarating display of luxury.

The producer uploaded a video to his Instagram page where he introduced his two new vehicles, which he jokingly dubbed his “girlfriend” and “sidechic.”

Don Jazzy emphasized the value of purchasing vehicles with zero miles, underlining the appeal of spotless, unaltered autos, in the video.

He described the pleasures of owning vehicles directly from the showroom, which demonstrated his passion for his new “loves”.

The Don also made mention of a potential business partnership with @mikanomotors, the supplier of his most recent purchases.

The musician wrote in the post’s caption, “My new girlfriend and my new side chic came together. Nothing beats 0 mileage. Go get yours at @mikanomotors.”

The CEO of Mavin Records and well-known Nigerian record producer HDon Jazzy. For some of Nigeria’s most well-known musicians, he has produced hit songs during his years in the music business.

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