Drake gets bombarded with bras thrown by female fans during performance.

Drake gets bombarded with bras thrown by female fans during performance.

Drake’s issue with his female admirers is an intriguing one.

The Canadian rapper is seen swerving and evading bras from his fans in a viral video taken at the opening concert of his “It’s All a Blur” tour.

Eventually, in the middle of his performance, he asked his Detroit audience to refrain from throwing their underwear into the crowd.

“Thank you so much, Detroit, but this is what I need you to do. But, he laughed, “please stop hurling bras at me.

When the first group of women threw their underwear on stage, he earlier encouraged his followers by stating, “Oh yeah, this is definitely how I like it right here.”

Picking up on that, his audience kept hurling their stuff onto the stage, and the singer kept cleaning them up until a shoe was thrown in his direction.

“A big-ass shoe is not what we wanted to see. In order to help me, Detroit, I need you to do this. Would you kindly oblige? After spending so much time in the crib, I’m so happy to be back in this building with you. Please stop putting bras up here; I’m afraid I’m going to have to do some titty cleaning up tonight. Drake then told the audience at his event, “This is crazy.

The amusing video of Drake’s interaction with his fans has gone viral on social media. Within a short period of time after Daily Loud posted the video, it had been viewed 6.8 million times.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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