Fela Kuti’s grandson Omorinmade Kuti known as Made Kuti tied the knot with his partner Indeoiye Onyenso on Wednesday November 1st 2023.

Fela Kuti's grandson Omorinmade Kuti known as Made Kuti tied the knot with his partner Indeoiye Onyenso on Wednesday November 1st 2023.

Grandson of Fela Kuti Made Ties the Knot with Fiancée

On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Omorinmade Kuti, also known as Made Kuti, and his fiancée, Ideoiye Onyenso, exchanged vows.

The performer honored the momentous day by posting a touching video of the pair to his Instagram page.

A calming violin tune plays in the background as Made lovingly puts a crown on Ideoiye’s head and gives her loves and kisses in this adorable video, which was taken during a photo shoot.

“Today, a love story that began with two characters continues into one,” was the caption he posted on Instagram.

“Grateful we found each other. Let the adventure begin.” His humorous tweet was sent on Twitter.

I’m eager to be with you for the rest of my life. We are having wedding meals today.

Intimate gatherings of close friends and family were present at both the traditional wedding and the white wedding ceremonies, which took place in Ikeja, Lagos state.

Social media users have been sharing videos of Ideoiye’s emotional walk down the aisle, which was accompanied by her happy parents in traditional clothing.

Kuti and Ideoiye exchanged vows during the wedding ceremony, promising to love one another until the day they died.

The celebration was live aired on Instagram, where fans were delighted as they signed their wedding certificate.

In November 2022, Kuti made the proposal in private while in Paris, France.

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He uploaded a picture of his blushing wife to Instagram along with the poignant caption, “There’s a lot of pain in the world every day,” after getting a good response. It’s all worthwhile to strive for a better world and to share that agony with you, though. I am eager to witness the future we create together. I cherish you.

Greetings to the recently married couple!

Speaking to Bella Naija on November 1, 2023, the blushing bride disclosed that Made was her “school father” when they first met in secondary school.

At the time, they were good friends, but after graduation, they stopped talking.

They didn’t get back in touch until seven years later, when Made returned from London after finishing his university education.

“We met in high school,” she revealed. A funny tale. He was my paternal uncle.

He was an excellent paternal figure. After high school, we didn’t communicate again until years later, while I was attending college.

We first became friends on Facebook after he graduated. In 2018, he returned to Nigeria after making new acquaintances on Facebook. We started dating at that point, and look at us now.

Their account was verified by Made, who stated, “It picked up from there about seven years later, in 2018, as she had mentioned, when I returned from university.” He said, grinning broadly, “It seems like we have a bright future and a history.

Prior to deciding to get married, they had been dating for three years. To make the occasion even more memorable, they got married on November 1, 2023, which is their third anniversary. Their wedding was live-streamed on Instagram so that everyone could join in their happiness, even though it was a private occasion.

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