Folu Storms to star alongside Seun Ajayi in New Series ” Spiraling”.

Folu Storms to star alongside Seun Ajayi in New Series " Spiraling"

Folu Storms will co-star in the upcoming series “Spiraling” with Seun Ajayi.

She is the second cast member to be revealed thus far.

Folu Storms, a Nigerian actress, has joined the cast of the new television series Spiraling.

Storms, who gained notoriety for her exciting performance in the critically acclaimed Showmax original Crime and Justice Lagos, will co-star with Seun Ajayi, whose casting was revealed earlier this week.

Wande Thomas, the director, stated that he was looking for an actress who would be less reactive and more proactive in a statement to BellaNaija. According to Thomas, “it’s a very substantial role…Not just reactive, but active.” “We were looking for a cast that could add depth to the script and give nuanced performances.

A rising performer, Folu Storms is a fantastic pick for one of our leads, the director continued.

Thomas is the screenwriter, but he collaborated with the project’s producer, Isoken Ogiemwonyi, on narrative development.

“In developing this story with Wande, casting played a crucial role in our process. We reviewed at least a 100 tapes. Our casting director, Daphne Akatugba, brought us some truly remarkable finds. One of those finds, is Storms,” Ogiemwonyi explained.

I have found Daphne to have an unmatched capacity to identify potential, especially young talent. She can also be very tenacious about the talent she feels is exceptional.

The Smart Money Woman season 2 and the upcoming short film Don’t Swipe, starring Eso Dike and Ariyiike Owolagba, both have Thomas directing credits.

Working Talent Agency is Storms’ agent.

We don’t know the rest of the cast or the plot. She made us make some really interesting but unexpected decisions. I believe the group has put together a fantastic cast,” Ogiemwonyi went on.

Spiraling follows the lives of a tech entrepreneur enmeshed in the complexity of her product as it investigates the theme of the human psyche.

The show would be “rooted in the human psyche and how we react under pressure,” according to Thomas.

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