Former Female Rapper Cynthia Morgan preaches against premarital sex.

Former Female Rapper Cynthia Morgan preaches against premarital sex.

Cynthia Morgan, a former rapper, speaks out against premarital sex

She has always had strong opinions.

Madrina, a former rapper who now goes by Cynthia Morgan, claims that having sex before marriage is sinful and should only be done by married people.

The contentious performer used her Instagram story to warn singles to follow the Bible’s prohibition against engaging in sexual activity. She stated that, compared to other instructions in the Holy Book, she agreed with this one the most.

If there is one thing about which I agree with the Bible the most, she declared, “it is that only married people should engage in sexual activity.”

Further, she admitted that many err in their walk with Christ and fail to live up to God’s splendor. She subsequently reaffirmed her position, stating that only married couples should engage in sexual activity.

She said, “I know… We all sin and fall short of his glory, whether through ignorance or even intentional disobedience. However, s3x was and is intended for married individuals. I’m grateful.

This comes after Morgan declared herself a prophetess in 2022 and revealed that she has the ability to “see.”

In a distressing post at the time, the singer of German Juice urged her friends and followers to pray for their favorite celebrities. She highlighted well-known figures on her page, like Funke Akindele, Wizkid, and Jamaican musician Popcan, and shared the prophecies she had about them.

She claimed that was the first time she had utilized her gift on someone other than her close friends and family.

With her distinctive musical approach, Morgan burst onto the scene in 2014 and quickly became popular in the afrobeat community. Her ascent to fame was, regrettably, halted by her record label’s problems.

As a result of this, she stepped out of the music scene for years and when she returned to social media, she announced her name change from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina.


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