Freeme Digital CEO Michael Ugwu has been re-elected to Merlin board.

Freeme Digital CEO Michael Ugwu has been re-elected to Merlin board.

Re-elected to the Merlin board is Michael Ugwu, CEO of Freeme Digital.


Freeme Digital’s CEO and founder, Michael Ugwu, has successfully re-elected to the Merlin board for a second term.

Michael Ugwu, who was formerly employed for four years as the head of Freeme Digital, Africa’s Independent Music Company, is. Back at the international digital licensing organization for the independent music sector.

Twelve board members, including Ugwu, were re-elected to another term in the most recent re-election, while six new members were added, according to Billboard.

However the group “is committed to fostering meaningful, sustainable, and value-driven member growth” in the coming year, according to. Jeremy Sirota, CEO of Merlin, in a statement to Billboard.

Supporting distributors and labels who make investments in artists and their distinctive cultural contributions is the organization’s stated goal Merlin. Seeks to enhance its network, provide unmatched advantages and access to its members, and contribute to the worldwide music scene. By collaborating with like-minded individuals who invest in world-class music.

However Michael Ugwu expressed his appreciation for the re-election by saying, “At Freeme Music, we’re committed to showcasing Africa’s rich musical heritage. My core objective is to continue to amplify Afrobeats’ presence worldwide, ensuring fair and wider distribution for African music companies. I’m thrilled to continue representing independent African labels & distributors who choose to leverage Merlin’s unparalleled access to global digital music markets.

In addition the following individuals are rejoining Merlin’s board: Michel Lambot, co-founder of [PIAS] (Belgium); Chris Maund, COO of Mushroom Labels (Australia); Carlos Mills, founder and CEO of Mills Records (Brazil); Michael Ugwu, CEO of Freeme Digital (Nigeria); Marie Clausen, head of NA and worldwide streaming, Ninja Tune (US).

Furthermore the others are Pieter van Rijn, CEO of FUGA (Netherlands); Darius Van Arman, co-CEO of Secretly Group (US); Martin Mills, founder and chairman of Beggars Group (UK); and Horst Weidenmüller, CEO & Owner,!K7 (Germany); and Secret City (Canada) President & CEO Justin West.

Moreover Pascal Bittard, the founder and CEO of IDOL (France) Marie Clausen, the managing director of Ninja Tune’s North American. Division; Tom Deakin, the head of Audio Salad’s EMEA division; Chris Maund, the COO of Mushroom Music (Australia); and Carlos. Mills, the founder of Mills Records (Brazil) are among the other noteworthy returning members.

Louis Posen, among others, is the president and executive director of Hopeless Records (U.S.).



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