Ghanaian Sensation Gyakie releases heartfelt single “Rent Free”.

Ghanaian Sensation Gyakie releases heartfelt single "Rent Free".

Gyakie, the Ghanaian sensation, delivers the poignant track “Rent Free.”

After a highly anticipated 2022 EP called “My Diary,” Gyakie has returned with a soul-stirring new single called “Rent Free.” This is her first solo release since then.

From her hopeful 2019 release of “Love is Pretty,” Gyakie has seen an incredible surge to international renown. Her path in the music industry has been nothing short of spectacular.

It is possible that both critics and fans may come to adore this song because it delves into the many layers of longing and love.

With millions of streams and control over radio waves worldwide, her breakthrough EP “Seed” with the chart-topping smash “Forever” cemented her place. As a powerful force.

Gyakie explores the intricacies of love in “Rent Free,” taking listeners on an intense journey. She creates a vivid picture of a love that never goes away with her expressive vocals and. Meaningful lyrics.

The song does a fantastic job of capturing the universal feeling of clinging to special memories even after a relationship ends. ‘You’re living in my head rent-free,’ the song’s potent chorus, captures the core of Gyakie’s desire for her boyfriend. To be a constant in her existence.

The song “Rent Free” by Gyakie exemplifies her skillful combination of sensitivity and strength. Her poignant vocals and realistic lyrics make for an unforgettable listen that will resonate strongly with anybody who has experienced the lingering consequences of a past romantic relationship.


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