Hanks Anuku responds to concerned fans that he drinks but doesn’t take hard drugs.

- Hanks Anuku responds to concerned fans that he drinks but doesn't take hard drugs.

In response to worried fans, Hanks Anuku says, “I drink, but I don’t take hard drugs.”

He admitted that he drinks occasionally as a result of his struggle with depression.

Nollywood legend Hanks Anuku has made it clear that, in contrast to common belief, he just occasionally drinks alcohol and. Does not use illegal drugs in any way.

On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, the veteran shared a new video on Instagram, emphasizing that his unemployment over the previous. Few years has caused him to struggle with despair Anuku went on to explain that he was reaching “his breaking. Point” in the recently popular video.

He said that his despair caused him to drink, but he never used hard drugs—in fact, he never uses. Hard drugs at all i drink because I’m depressed i was unemployed for years and worried about my kids’ wellbeing. And school expenses, among other things. When things reach that stage, you are aware of how they are. I refer to it as a breaking point because I was completely destroyed and had no choice but to go out and drink.

The actor in issue appeared relatively weak in the latest viral footage, which he has now said was due to intoxication. He was seen screaming at onlookers in a gas station while seeming gaunt and unintelligible in his words on camera.

His admirers started to worry for Anuku’s welfare when the video went viral, so he later recorded a video asking for money because he was unemployed.

He continued, “Thank you all fans and my governor, Sheriff. I have tried my best to uphold my status as an entertainer, so it’s good to let you all know what I’m going through. I have a family and would love to get all the help from you all. Dropping my account details, nothing is ever too small. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.”

He now tells his supporters and admirers that their prayers and financial contributions have made a big difference in his health.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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