Harry Potter Dumbledore ” Actor Michael Gambon passes away at 82.

Harry Potter Dumbledore " Actor Michael Gambon passes away at 82.

Michael Gambon, an Irish-born actor who received praise for his stage and screen performances and gained much more notoriety. As Albus Dumbledore, the strict but loving headmaster of the Hogwarts wizarding school, in the “Harry Potter” movies, passed away on Wednesday night. He was 82.

The death of Mr. Gambon was verified by his family in a brief statement sent on Thursday by a public relations firm. Following a battle of pneumonia, Michael “died peacefully in hospital with his wife, Anne, and son Fergus at his bedside” According to the statement. The hospital where he passed away was not mentioned.

Although he had already achieved considerable success, particularly in plays by Alan Ayckbourn and Harold Pinter, Mr. Gambon’s performance in Bertolt Brecht’s “Life of Galileo” at London’s National Theater in 1980 was the turning point that led actor. Ralph Richardson to refer to him as “the great Gambon.”

Mr. Gambon (pronounced GAM-bonn) recalled in his autobiography that he had approached four leading directors to accept him in the title role, only for them to reject him as “not starry enough.” Peter Hall, who was then the artistic director of the National Theater, described Mr. Gambon as “unsentimental, dangerous, and immensely powerful.”

After John Dexter agreed to direct him in what Mr Gambon would later describe as the most challenging role he. Had ever taken on, the combination of lava-hot vigor and tenderness, sensuality and intelligence he brought to the role—in which he aged from 40 to 75—excited not only critics but also his fellow actors.

The National’s dressing room windows, however which open out onto a courtyard, according to Mr. Hall’s memory, “contained actors in various states of undress leaning out and applauding him after the first night — a unique tribute.”

As a result, Mr. Gambon received a nomination for best actor at the Olivier Awards. He’d receive the honor in 1987 for his portrayal of Eddie Carbone in Arthur Miller’s “A View From the Bridge” at the National Theater.

Mr. Ayckbourn said that “one day he just stood in the rehearsal room and just broke down in tears — no turning upstage, no hands in front of his face.” He merely sat there sobbing like a child. It was painful to watch. He also handled his anger extremely nicely. That might be terrifying.

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On October 19, 1940, Michael John Gambon was born in Dublin. When he and his seamstress mother Mary traveled to London to join his engineer father Edward, who was working on a project there, he acquired dual citizenship in both the UK and Ireland.

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