Harrysong requests privacy from fans after chats with wife leak online.

Harrysong requests privacy from fans after chats with wife leak online.

Harrysong asks for followers’ privacy when his wife’s online chats surface.

He noted in the statement, “This is undoubtedly a challenging time for my family.”

The controversially leaked conversations between Harrysong, a Nigerian artist, and his wife, in which he is shown begging that she end her pregnancy, have prompted him to respond.

The musician requested on Thursday, January 18, 2024, in his Instagram story that people respect his family’s privacy at this time.

“After giving it some thought and talking it over with my family, I have made the decision to let my. Fans and well-wishers know that, although this is definitely a difficult moment for my family, the rumors circulating on social. Media about the issues my wife and I are facing are not true.

I want everyone to know that my family and I are asking for privacy during this time,” he emphasized.

This follows the release of screenshots of conversations between Harrysong and his wife, Alexer Peres Gopa, that went viral on. Social media and sparked reactions from users. Harrysong seemed to be in the throes of a fight with his wife, accusing her of not doing her share of household chores and citing financial difficulties as justification.

This is my third attempt at telling you to stop being pregnant; if you do, I won’t be held accountable for any further children you may have.

Take it off right away, given that you recently sent you $100,000 and refused to use it to cook in the house for my grandmother? “You can use that $100,000 to finally end the pregnancy,” the screen grab stated.

The musician, who wed his wife in 2021, was depicted in another screenshot calling her a “professional escort.”

“I’m furious and can’t stop typing right now. Please give me a moment to cool down. His wife is in the house with his mother while they are in France.

“Will upload more of his cruel messages to his wife. He claims he is positive it’s a girl, and the woman is expecting their third child.”

“Harry Song, I looked into it and found proof that your wife prepared various dishes and that your grandmother was consumed. Please, Mr. Mahn, stop acting in such a rude manner by 2023.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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