Young Nigerians are motivated by Hilda Baci at a conference on adolescent and youth health.

At the third Nigerian conference on adolescent and youth health development, Hilda Baci, a youth empowerment advocate and Guinness World Record holder, motivated young Nigerians.

The conference was organized by The Society for Adolescent and Young Person Health in Nigeria (SAYPHIN), which took place in Lagos on August 17.

To address important topics relating to adolescent and youth health, the event brought together specialists, advocates, and thought leaders.

The conference’s focus was on the rights of adolescents in terms of sexual and reproductive health as well as other. Developmental concerns its theme was “Achieving 2030 Targets: Driving Innovation for Adolescents and Youth Health.”

In order to address issues with adolescent and youth health, experts also proposed interventions and solutions.

One of the conference presenters, Hilda Baci, discussed ideas and tactics for fostering young people’s empowerment and well-being. She emphasized once more how crucial having good health is to creating a fulfilling life.

The first step on the road to success is maintaining excellent health and well-being. This is a crucial component of confidence. You can use it to better comprehend who you are at your core.

As we honor young people all over the world, Hilda Baci remarked, “I encourage every young person to take responsibility. For their health and to join the cause of promoting good health as individuals and organizations to do better in all parts of life eventually.

Hilda Baci serves as an example of what may be accomplished when one is persistent, committed, and unwavering in their support of a cause. Her road to Guinness World Record status is proof of the influence young people can have when they focus their energy on changing the world.

The Federal and Lagos State Ministries of Health, LASUCOM, LivingHealth International, DAI, Sparkle, Guttmacher Institute, We lead, FP 2030, Teensmata. And College of Medicine University of Lagos, and others are among the sponsors of the event. Other sponsors include UNFPA, UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, HACEY, AHEAD, IAAH, DAI, Sparkle, Guttmacher Institute, We lead, and FP 2030.

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