Hilda Bassey and Enioluwa team up to donate 5,000 books to Nigerian Youths.

Hilda Bassey and Enioluwa team up to donate 5,000 books to Nigerian Youths.

Together with well-known social media influencer Enioluwa, Guinness world record holder Hilda Bassey has donated 5000 books to young people.

The renowned chef made this news via her verified Instagram profile, stating that the donation is intended to encourage young people to develop a reading habit. They did so in an effort to raise awareness of the initiative.

She stated, “In order to support the #whenweread campaign, @enioluwaofficial and I are teaming up to donate 5000 books to inspire young people to read more.”

Enioluwa elaborated on their objective in her comment area and stated his joy about Hilda joining him on his initiative. He claims that their goal is to promote reading of both hardcover and digital books.

Our aim is to motivate kids to read more, whether through digital or physical books, he stated, adding, “Excited to be doing this with you, B!”

This comes after Enioluwa’s 2023 launch of the #whenweread campaign. He encouraged people to read two books by taking a chapter each day when he posted the goal for the month earlier in July on his LinkedIn profile.

“I launched a new campaign #WhenWeRead to encourage young people to pick up books and read. This month of July, we are reading two books that I am incredibly fascinated by, written by brilliant authors. It’s not easy to read but we have to discipline ourselves; A CHAPTER A DAY. I’ve also gone ahead to purchase copies of each book to give to young people, so there’s no excuse. In This Room. We Read! Because you cannot know what you do not learn about.”

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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