Hip Hop Star Busta Rhymes describes working with burna boy as an incredible experience.

Hip Hop Star Busta Rhymes describes working with burna boy as an incredible experience.

Busta Rhymes calls his collaboration with Burna Boy an amazing experience.

Presumably Busta Rhymes would be thrilled to collaborate with Burna once more.

Rapper Busta Rhymes from the United States has praised Burna Boy’s musical abilities and work ethic.

During his appearance as a guest on the Capital Xtra Podcast, the icon discussed the African giant and referred to. His partnership with Burna Boy as one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Burna, who recently appeared on the song Roboshotta off Busta Rhymes’ most recent album, Blockbusta, said of the Nigerian that he is quick and dedicated when working.

“Because Burna Boy is quick, effective, and really transparent, working with him was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

He doesn’t waste time when he is certain of what to do. He’s also extremely dangerously cold with it,” he started.

Busta Rhymes continued to describe how their partnership came about, saying that it was rather casual as they sat and sipped juice as he played Burna the songs on the playlist, and then he selected the song.

“And I’ve got some shit I wanna play you too,” he went on, “so I’m playing him the album and about four songs, and the third one’s called Roboshotta, and he was like, ‘Hey yo, what’s that?’ That’s the song Pharell did for me,” he said. Thus, I performed two additional songs, totaling roughly five songs.

We conversed while sipping juice, and everything was ideal.”

The rapper has always supported Burna Boy; in July 2023, he complimented the singer on selling out Citi Field Stadium in New York. This support for the musician is not new.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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