Hip Hop Star, P-Diddy Ex – Girlfriend Cassie accuses him of rape and abuse in new law suit.

Hip Hop Star, P-Diddy Ex - Girlfriend Cassie accuses him of rape and abuse in new law suit.

Cassie Files Lawsuit Accusing Sean Combs of Rape and Years of Abuse.

The singer claims in the lawsuit that over the course of around ten years, Mr. Combs, often known as Puff Daddy or Diddy, abused and controlled her. The accusations were “vehemently” refuted by Mr. Combs.

Cassie, an R&B singer who was once signed to Sean Combs’ label, filed a lawsuit against the producer and music. Mogul, who has been one of the most well-known names in hip-hop for decades, in federal court on Thursday. Cassie accused Mr. Combs of sexual assault and of abusing his body repeatedly over a. Period of around ten years.

However the lawsuit was filed in Manhattan’s Federal District Court by Cassie, whose true name is Casandra Ventura. Cassie has long been.

The love partner of Mr. Combs claims that shortly after they first met in 2005, at the age of 19. He started abusing and controlling her, forcing her to have sex with a number of male prostitutes while filming the interactions. According to the lawsuit, in 2018, when their relationship was coming to an end, Mr. Combs broke into her house and sexually assaulted her.

In a statement, Ms. Ventura said, “I am finally ready to tell my story and to speak up on behalf. Of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships, after years in. Silence and darkness.”

In response, Mr. Combs’ attorney Ben Brafman.

stated: “Mr. Combs fiercely refutes these derogatory and preposterous accusations. Ms. Ventura has been pressuring Mr. Combs to pay her $30 million for the last six months, threatening to write a book about their connection if he doesn’t comply. This demand was categorically turned down as outright blackmail. Ms. Ventura has now resorted to filing a lawsuit full of ludicrous and unsubstantiated lies in an attempt to damage Mr. Combs’s reputation and get financial gain. Despite having earlier withdrawn her threat.

The parties had spoken prior to the lawsuit being filed, according to Ms. Ventura’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor. “Mister. In an attempt to quiet Ms. Ventura and stop her from bringing this complaint, Combs promised her eight figures, he claimed. She disapproved of his attempts.

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