Hip Hop Star Psycho YP drops deluxe version of acclaimed EP ” Osapa London”

Hip Hop Star Psycho YP drops deluxe version of acclaimed EP " Osapa London"

However Rapper Psycho YP releases a deluxe edition of his critically praised EP “Osapa London.”

PsychoYP releases an incredible deluxe edition to commemorate the triumph of his highly regarded “Osapa London” EP.

Three brand-new, trap-heavy tracks are included in this deluxe edition, demonstrating PsychoYP’s flexibility and dedication to improving the Nigerian rap. Landscape.

The EP features a collaboration with Prettyboy D-O, a rising talent whose dynamic Alternative style seamlessly blends with PsychoYP’s distinctive sound.

In addition to collaborating with up-and-coming musicians for the deluxe edition of his highly regarded EP “Osapa London.” Psycho YP utilizes his platform to highlight up-and-coming Emcees in the Nigerian rap industry.

Earlier, PsychoYP started the viral “Lean!open-verse challenge, and the deluxe edition contained the chosen winners hey, Rhoma, ecee, and.

Rap newcomers Zaylevelten, who have a ton of talent, all contributed their own flows to the EP.

PsychoYP, a well-known lyricist and new school artist, expressed his enthusiasm for this limited edition “Osapa London has been. A journey, and I wanted to celebrate its success by bringing in fresh energy and talent. Prettyboy D-O and the winners of the ‘Lean!’ challenge brought their A-game, and I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

However the ‘Osapa London Deluxe EP’ showcases the progression of PsychoYP’s sound and the bright future of Nigerian rap, so. Listeners can anticipate a rollercoaster of trap vibes.

However the 24-year-old cultural star PsychoYP, who has been dubbed the “Fresh Prince of Nigerian rap,” is one. Among the forerunners and leaders of the current wave of rap.

Major music newspapers in Nigeria and worldwide have praised PsychoYP as a multifaceted artist with an innovative and diversified sound that transcends genres of music such as grime, drill, rap, trap, and R&B.

With one of the strongest rap discographies on the continent, PsychoYP is already poised to continue pushing the limits of hip-hop in Nigeria.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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