Hip- hop Star Singer Nicki Minaj was dragged to court for reportedly damaging borrowed Jewelry.

Hip- hop Star Singer Nicki Minaj was dragged to court for reportedly damaging borrowed Jewelry.

Nicki Minaj was being sued Over some allegedly unpaid fees for handmade jewelry. However, according to her attorney, she is not at fault and that the jeweler is only using her for attention.

A West Hollywood jeweler is suing the rapper on the grounds that they loaned him some jewelry. Which is a fairly common practice for celebrities, but some of the jewelry was broken when it was returned. According to the jeweler, this is hardly common.

In a recent lawsuit, which TMZ was able to get, it is claimed that Roseark jewels Store and Nicki’s stylist. Brett Alan Nelson agreed that Roseark would lend Nicki jewels for a public appearance.

According to the business, the agreement required Brett to pay for any damage the jewelry would sustain while in his care and return the bling within a week.

In the documents, Roseark alleges that Nicki’s stylist missed the deadline for returning 66 pieces of jewelry, and that when Brett eventually paid for the bling, a pair of earrings and a leaf ring had visible damage.

According to a person close to Nicki… Everything was delivered as stated and delivered on time; the store didn’t raise an issue regarding a missing stone until after the jeweler had the products for a while.

The jewelry shop claims to have given Brett invoices totaling $26,239.50 plus interest for the damage. Roseark employees assert that despite numerous attempts to collect, they have not yet received payment.

To get the money, Roseark is suing Nicki and her stylist. despite the fact that it seems Nikki never had any interactions with the jeweler directly.

In reality, Jordan Siev, Nicki’s lawyer, told TMZ… We will vigorously defend the lawsuit because “we have not been provided with any evidence that any of the jewelry. In question was damaged by Nicki” and “this lawsuit appears to be nothing more than a regular insurance claim by the jeweler designed to garner publicity for itself and extract a payment to which it is not entitled.”

All of it was covered in a recent edition of The TMZ Podcast, which is accessible on all podcasting services.

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