Hollywood Hip Hop Star, Celine Dion’s Family are still hoping to find cure for their daughter’s illness.

Hollywood Hip Hop Star, Celine Dion's Family are still hoping to find cure for their daughter's illness.

According to Claudette Dion, Linda is living with Celine and her three sons to take care of her requirements because she has Stiff-Person Syndrome (SPS), according to an interview with the local newspaper Le Journal de Montreal.

The disorder, which often affects people between the ages of 30 and 60, causes muscle stiffness as well as spasms. In some instances, the symptoms can stay constant while in others, they can deteriorate with time.

It affects twice as many women as men, according to the National Institutes of Health of the United States.

If untreated, SPS may cause trouble walking and have a major negative influence on a person’s capacity to carry out regular daily chores.

Although its precise cause is uncertain, this illness is thought to be an autoimmune disease and occasionally co-occurs with other autoimmune diseases.

Though Celine is “working hard” and “listening to the top researchers in the field of this rare disease as much as possible,” according to Claudette, they “can’t find any medicine that works.”

But it’s vital to have optimism, Claudette remarked.

She “mostly needs to rest,” according to Celine’s sister, who also observed that Celine “always goes above and beyond, she always tries to be the best and top of her game.”

It’s crucial to listen to what your body and heart are trying to tell you at some time, said Claudette.

Celine revealed her illness to the public in an emotional video in December 2022.

She claimed that this had an impact on her voice and forced her to postpone performances planned for 2023 to 2024.

The youngest of 14 children, Celine, got her start when she was 12 years old thanks to a recording provided by her mother to Angelil, who mortgaged his own house to pay for her debut album.

After taking language lessons in the 1980s, she switched from singing in her native tongue of French to screaming out English-language tunes.

With My Heart Will Go On, the Titanic soundtrack’s anthem, she rose to international prominence in 1997.

With her octave-busting voice, Celine rose to become one of the best female singers in the world. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, Because You Loved Me, and Think Twice are some of her other top singles. (including news from AFP)

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