Have a great one, Morgan Freeman, as Michael Douglas and other celebrities wish you a happy birthday.

Celebrity friends are sending birthday greetings to Morgan Freeman.

To celebrate the actor’s 86th birthday on Thursday, Michael Douglas posted happy selfie of the two of them on Instagram. Alongside Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline, the two collaborated in the 2013 comedy Last Vegas. As well as the Netflix series The Kominsky Method.


Douglas, 78, captioned the photo, “Happy birthday to my good friend @morganfreeman! I had such an amazing time working with Morgan on the final season of The Kominsky Method. Have a great one Morgan! MD.”

Thank you, dear friend, Freeman wrote in the comments.


Zach Braff, who most recently oversaw Freeman’s performance in the film A Good Person, also left a tribute online. Braff, 48, joked about making his Scrubs co-star and pal Donald Faison envious while posting a picture of Freeman kissing him on the cheek on Instagram.

I never wanted to upload this image out of concern that @donald_aison would be envious, but alas, I am running out of Morgan pictures,” he wrote. “Happy Birthday @morganfreeman.

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Freeman confirmed his retirement plans to Parade magazine in 2021. At the time, the Oscar winner remarked, “I think this business retires you. I’m not quite sure I can say, ‘Well, yeah, I’m going to retire,’ because if your phone keeps ringing, you’re probably going to keep working. So I’m going to stop there and say probably not.”

He said, “When I started my career, I didn’t want to be an actor; at that point, all I wanted to be was a working actor.”


“You start out wanting to be a star of some sort, but I very quickly learned once you get into the business of stardom, that’s a strange dream to have,” he claimed. You’ll be content if you can only find enough work to cover your rent.

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