Idahosa Trails

Idahosa Trails

A British journalist travels to the ancient city of Benin in Nigeria to investigate the secret rites performed during the coronation of a new king in the ancient city.

Idahosa Trails is a 2017 Nigerian drama film. Written produced and directed by Stanlee Aideloje Ohikhuare known professionally as Stanlee Ohikhuare. It conclude stars actors like Charles Okafor, David Schifter, Liz BensonOsas Ighodaro, Adedamola akapo, Patrick doyle and  Kunle Idowu. It is based on the experience of an American Journalist Thomas Book. (portrayed by David Schifter) Who seeks to interview Archbishop Benson Idahosa. (portrayed by Charles Okafor) Based on his perception of the role played by Idahosa in the miraculous recovery of a popular chief in Benin City. This seems to confirm that his recovery happened spontaneously after six years in a coma. Furthermore the film was released in late October 2017 by Mighty Jot Studios in Benin CityNigeria.

 Thomas’s Book is about a journey to the ancient city of Benin, Nigeria. To shoot an investigative documentary on the secret rites performed during the coronation of the new Oba. He was unable to get enough information due to the high level of secrecy surrounding the rites as he prepares to leave the city. Convinced that the story would compensate for his failure to obtain information during the coronation coverage, He hears the story of a popular local chief who had just woken from a six-year coma. And decides to document the story.  He decides to go to the hospital at the hospital. A nurse offers to help with interpretation as he interviews him. He is only able to ask one question before being interrupted by members of the man’s family. When he gets to his hotel room, he notices the same name on the Idahosa World Outreach TV broadcast.

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