Idris Elba wife Sabrina opens up about her marriage to the star.

Idris Elba wife Sabrina opens up about her marriage to the star.

Idris Elba‘s wife, Sabrina Elba, has spoken candidly about what it’s like to be married to the celebrity and how she has found her identity in the union.

They discussed the difficulties she had locating her identity as the wife of a well-known actor while appearing as. A guest on the The Break podcast. She claims that detractors are always attempting to diminish her influence and cast. Her in the actor’s background.

She explained how she makes an effort to keep her identity separate from that of her spouse, adding, “It’s important to me to maintain my own identity, and sometimes that can be hard when someone else’s identity is so strong and so strong.”

The model continued by discussing how others had treated her and the attitudes she had noticed over the years.

They stated, “I’m not going to change my identity. It was this attitude I was feeling towards me, that “there’s no reason you should be speaking up or talking about things you care about because you’re only here because of him,” and I remember thinking that’s your prerogative, I’m still going to say and talk and be whoever I wanna be.”

The 35-year-old further claimed that because of the frequently occurring hostile comments, she stopped monitoring her Instagram comments.

On a crucial Sunday in Vancouver, Canada, Sabrina and Idris connected at a jazz event. She said she could tell he was different from the other black men around because he stood out.

On February 10, 2018, they got engaged while attending a showing of his movie Yardie in an East London theater.

Following Davido’s performance, they later were married at the Ksar Char Bagh Hotel in Marrakech, according to British Vogue, who broke the news and covered the ceremony.


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