Ike Apologies to Ilebaye over recent vandalism on BBNAIJA All Stars.

Ike Apologies to Ilebaye over recent vandalism on BBNAIJA All Stars.

Ike and Ilebaye have patched things up as they talk in depth on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

He just received a strike from Big Brother for damaging Ilebaye’s belongings, and since then, the two have avoided one. Another inside the house but when they made amends today, the pair spoke about the event.

The asserts that the apology was an effort on his part to restore harmony in the case that he were to be evicted. He further claims that if his family had known about the incident, they might have ignored him, therefore he wanted. To stop that from happening i need to solve this before I come out, he said.

Assuming I am evicted the following week, I must use this week to make the necessary repairs so that people would. Remark, “O, you tried.”

Ilebaye said that the strike had helped her reduce her alcohol consumption: “My own strike is helping me, I still. Drink but I’m doing it because it’s going to help me… ” She also pleaded with him to make the necessary changes out of desire rather than out of fear of being. Evicted even if you’re making changes, do it because you want to and because you’ve already taken the necessary lessons. To heart.

Ilebaye said that it would be her condition for forgiving him if he did not set a trap for the other All Star roommates. Ike concurred, but he also conveyed his annoyance and the basis for his behavior toward her and the other residents. Of the residence.

“The next one I was going to do, I knew I was going to go after that. In my heart, I’m still angry about the last one, I stayed till the last day, and I didn’t win,” he claimed, claiming that his outbursts were caused by his bitterness over losing in his previous BBNaija season.

Ilebaye advised Ike to think about the effects of his bad behavior on him, his family, and his team outside of the home and how brands could want to distance themselves from him based on his harsh character during the All Stars season. This was how the talk came to a conclusion.

After participating in the BBNaija All Stars season, housemates have become much more conscious of the effects their behavior. May have on their reputations however, a lot of people worry that this would make them more self-aware and. Pretentious and lessen the amount of drama in the home.

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