Ini Edo discusses her reasons for ignoring unfavorable online comments.

Ini Edo, a well-known Nollywood actress, explains why she won’t accept criticism.

The filmmaker claimed that all online reviewers do is ‘catch cruise’ by passing judgment on others in her interview with Chude Jideinwo.

The actress has had to deal with the harsh criticism of critics ever since entering the scene in 2002. She continued by saying that the online trolls don’t even give a damn.

Edo explained that she is unconcerned because “they don’t really care; they just make noise and move on to the next big thing”.

Ini Edo, Pulse Nigeria, Instagram: iniedo

She stated that she continuously chooses to be in the company of positive people and positive energy because having critics is a part of being a powerful person.

People don’t realize that you live this life for yourself, she continued, in order to further clarify her position. You alone are what matters. You cannot simultaneously judge your own life while also judging my life.

The seasoned singer continued by telling her followers to ignore whatever negativity they may encounter, saying, “If you care enough for yourself, that’s enough.”

As she reaffirmed her commitment to disregard internet trolls, she also discussed the negative feedback she received after announcing her intention to use a surrogate.

She urged them, “Just do you. They’re just venting their frustrations on you. You live this life for yourself.”

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