Iyabo Ojo Celebrates her 46th Birthday.

Iyabo Ojo Celebrates her 46th Birthday.

Iyabo Ojo considers her life as she marks her 46th birthday.

Birthday greetings from her admirers and other celebrities have been received.

Today, December 21, 2023, marks the 46th birthday of well-known actress Iyabo Ojo, who has taken the time to think back.

The actress used to Instagram to share how grateful she is for her life and her achievements thus far. She emphasized on maintaining her concentration on her objectives and keeping her head in the game, highlighting the significant lessons she had learnt over time.

A portion of her caption said, “Today is Day 45. I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished, no losses. I will say, yes, I am blessed.

I am grateful, Lord. Even though I’m not perfect, my imperfections have taught me to never give up on my convictions and to stand up for what I believe in, no matter how much opposition I may face. I have also learned to remain focused during my storm and not let outside noise or distractions get in the way of my progress. Most significantly, I’ve learned to control your emotions, be ready, and never give up even in the darkest moments. Your opponents and secret foes will always take advantage of such opportunities to attack you.

Along with her message to her detractors and enemies, Ojo also said that she would be true to herself and not change for anyone.

“To my haters, I’m going to keep being a voice, so guide your heart against heart attack. I will never change anything about me or my activistism. God created me this way, and i love all of me and all of me. To everyone who has been supportive and a blessing to me, i say thank you,” she went on to say.

Ojo received a barrage of birthday greetings and prayers from her followers and other celebs in her comment area.

Chioma Goodhair, an entrepreneur, expressed, “Happy birthday to the most important person in my life! I’m so happy that we can support each other.”

As everyone who has known you can confirm, you are an incredible soul. I hope that this year fulfills all of your wishes and then some. I pray for ongoing prosperity, health, and divine protection and direction. I adore you so much and am looking forward to celebrating you when you get back.”

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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