Iyabo Ojo urges Nigerians to be patient for Mohbad’s Autopsy Results.

Iyabo Ojo urges Nigerians to be patient for Mohbad's Autopsy Results.

Iyabo Ojo begs Nigerians to have patience as they wait for the release of the autopsy results.

Additionally, she warned viewers of her Instagram live that it would take two weeks for the results to be released. And urged them not to get sidetracked from the pertinent problem.

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has taken to her Instagram account to beg Nigerians to exercise patience and refrain from jumping. To conclusions until the official autopsy results are released with emotions running high and the desire for answers regarding the. Autopsy test performed on Mohbad intensifying, the actress from the Nollywood has taken to her Instagram account.

The actress asked Nigerians to focus on the main goal, which is bringing justice for the late singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad, in her Instagram Live video.

She highlighted that the Nigerian police had requested a two-week delay before disclosing the autopsy findings, and she begged the public to do the same.

“Everyone’s eyes are on this case; they asked for two weeks, which I understand may not be enough time for some of the results to be available, but they insisted on it and are working on it.

We have to wait for them patiently. It is crucial that we hold off until the autopsy findings are released and the police arrive to speak with us. Let’s put an end to the distractions; they won’t prevent us from obtaining justice; justice will be served. Allow the police to perform their job, please.

The police would take whatever action was necessary if the accused refused to come in for questioning.

She continued by pleading with her fans not to divert the conversation and not to request a paternity test for Liam, Mohbad’s five-month-old son.

Additionally, Iyabo Ojo fiercely supported Omowunmi, Mohbad’s wife, and begged everyone to stop pressing for DNA tests and give her. Time to grieve.

“Allow the family to grieve without being distracted by DNA testing or a lack thereof; if Mohbad’s father or mother desire a DNA test for the boy, they may do so. Leave the poor lady alone why are you guys bullying her,” she continued.

Since the singer’s unfortunate passing, Iyabo Ojo has been fervently advocating for justice on his behalf.

This is especially relevant in light of Mohbad’s strange circumstances of death and the countless assaults he experienced while he. Was still alive.

Nigerians clamoured fiercely for an investigation into the circumstances, and the police eventually launched one.

Then Mohbad’s body was exhumed, and soon after that, an autopsy was carried out.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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