Iyanya advices happily married couples to keep off social media.

Iyanya advices happily married couples to keep off social media.

Happy married couples are advised by Iyanya to avoid social media.

This, according to the artist, is a guaranteed method of keeping marriages safe.

Iyanya, a well-known musician, has advised contented married couples to avoid sharing their special moments on social media.

Iyanya shared his opinions on marriage during a guest appearance on The Kingz Corner podcast he said that, despite its. Problems, he thinks marriage is a precious and lovely institution he went on to emphasize how crucial it is to. Keep such moments private and shield one’s marriage from prying eyes.

“I have seen happy married people, and it’s not that they don’t face difficulties; it’s just that these days, people don’t guard their assets.”

“Isn’t it funny that these days people would buy gold for fifty thousand dollars and lock it but you have. Someone that you love so much and you can’t protect that person you have to protect what you love, some. People who are happily married are not on Instagram, some are but they don’t post valuable moments, they cherish them,” said the performer.

He continued by highlighting the idea that people’s marriages and their problems are not intended for the amusement of the. Social media community finding that one special someone is, in his opinion, the most essential thing, and social media has. A way of instilling anxiety in those who are considering marriage.

He went on, “Two words, social and media, is your marriage social? Marriage is a beautiful thing And we have to learn to ignore all the bad marriages and not allow those bad marriages define our expectations or don’t let a bad marriage mean you think you can’t have a good marriage. I just believe that if you find someone who loves you the most important thing they love you, sacrifice for you.”

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