Jim Iyke desires to know the secret behind Kate Henshaw’s Youthful Looks.

Jim Iyke desires to know the secret behind Kate Henshaw's Youthful Looks.

Nollywood icons Jim Iyke, Kate Henshaw, and Chidi Mokeme recently got together, and Jim was surprised by Henshaw’s youthful appearance.

The actors were absolutely unaware that they would be reconnecting when they went to a studio interview at Glitch Africa. The welcoming gesture was captured on camera by the center’s personnel, and Iyke eagerly posted the video to. His Instagram account.

He mocked Henshaw’s youthful appearance however in his caption, writing, “Thinking about starting a ‘give us a wrinkle.’ Petition against @katehenshaw. Sis has hacked the ‘ageless code’ and is keeping the damn secrets to her selfish ass.”

Kate Henshaw continued by describing his delight at running into his coworkers and noted that he had a terrific time with them. Iyke emphasized that he’d be eager to see them again.

He gushed, “Had the time of my life at the tick tock podcast interview yesterday with my day one fam. Goes to prove that time and distance mean nothing with real people however one has indelible history with. God bless you guys want amazing time GQ and Kate. My heart was full yesterday. Rapturous laughter and unbridled joy is a must anytime we jam.”

On the other hand, the always-fit actress and Mokeme had their own fiery reunion on a set in February 2023.

The two pals shared an amorous hug and a kiss on the lips as they were so thrilled to see each other again after a long absence. For more than 30 years, they had been friends in the business, and Mokeme made it clear that they still are.

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