Joeboy gets personal on new EP ” Body, Soul and Spirit.

Joeboy gets personal on new EP " Body, Soul and Spirit.

Joeboy opens up on his latest EP, “Body, Soul, & Spirit.”

The artist latest EP, “Body, Soul, & Spirit,” is now available.

As implied by the title, “Body, Soul & Spirit” picks up where Joeboy left off on his recently released album, “Body & Soul,” arriving barely six months after his critically acclaimed sophomore album of the same name. The captivatingly dark and moody five-track project serves as the ideal counterpoint to “Body & Soul.”

Afropop singer and worldwide music phenomenon Joeboy has released a new EP titled “BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT,” which is a very personal and contemplative work.

As the title implies, “Body, Soul & Spirit” picks up where Joeboy left off just six months after the release of his highly regarded sophomore album “Body & Soul.”

left off on his previously released album, “Halle,” which feeds off the themes of adversity and inner upheaval on the album’s closing track, is a captivatingly dark and dismal five-track project that serves as the perfect opposite to “Body & Soul.”

In the poignant first track of the EP, “Only God Can Save Me,” a distraught Joeboy comes to terms with the fact that those closest to us are still human and frequently let us down.

Joeboy discovers some comfort on the contagious “24/7” when he realizes how little much of his concerns matter in the larger scheme of things.

On “Telephone,” a tender love ballad dedicated to that one person in our lives who we can always rely on for support, his emotional weaknesses are highlighted.

“Enemy” depicts Joeboy accepting accountability for a shattered relationship while going through a difficult breakup and realizing his own shortcomings. Joeboy takes the initial steps toward recovery and fresh starts in the upbeat “Surviving,” bringing the project to a resilient close.

Joeboy states, “I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the release of my album,” when discussing the motivation behind the “Body, Soul & Spirit EP.” Putting on a brave face and maintaining appearances has required me to truly dig deep to keep my sanity intact, from my relationship with God and witnessing the dark side of love to facing betrayal and striving to survive against all obstacles.

The tracks on this EP depict my journey through this extremely exhausting period. When I record and write, I usually have people around me, but for this project, I was by myself with a pen and a microphone because I was learning how to record myself in a studio at the same time as I was creating it, so I was able to release all of my pent-up emotions into it.


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