Joeboy gets up close and personal in Body, Soul and Spirit.

Joeboy gets up close and personal in Body, Soul and Spirit.

In “Body, Spirit, and Soul,” Joeboy gets intimate and personal.

Joeboy returns with an EP that is meant to be a dessert for his fans, following the release of a. Phenomenal album that highlighted his study of Pop and R&B with Afrobeats marks.

Although Joeboy should have released a deluxe version, it’s possible that he assessed the current state of consumer behavior and. Determined that adding five more tracks to the already 14-track CD wouldn’t do his most recent offers justice.

However he decides to expand his discography with the release of the five-track EP “Body, Spirit, and Soul,” which provides a close-up look into his love and intimate relationships.

Furthermore with his follow-up album, he shares insights into his personal concerns while still being eager to show off his heart, whereas in his sophomore album, he surrendered his body and spirit in a passionate quest.

Moreover he begs a higher force to help him get through a difficult moment in the opening song, “Only God Can Save Me,” saying, “I don’t like to pretend. What you see is what you get.”

However he writes sincere love poems with the same honesty that he uses to address people who are merely there for a good time. Even when the sound changes to fit the prevailing mainstream aural tastes, his music retains the distinctive quality that sets him apart.

However the upbeat pop tune “24/7” by YOLO is an exhilarating track from the same album as his massive hit “Alcohol.” Some of his intriguing offers are reminiscent of the scene in “Telephone” where he looks for his love interest.

On songs that have a similar appeal to his excellent record “Contour,” like “Enemy” and “Surviving,” he displays his vocals and his ability to domesticate R&B with street-familiar language.

However Joeboy is a man who enjoys feeling everything that he feels. Whether it is about his problems, about being a hopeless romantic, or about talking about how hard it is to find love. He enjoys sharing a piece of himself with people, and in this EP, he expresses the range of emotions he feels.

“Body, Spirit, and Soul” embodies the essence of Joeboy music. Attractive and simple to understand. This EP is a fitting contribution from an artist who never stops giving his all at a time when the. Majority of Nigerian customers are tired and uninterested in long-form productions.

Score: /10

• 0-1.9: Divorce.

• 2.0–3.9: Declining.

• 4.0–5.9: The mean.

• 6.0–7.9: Triumph.

• 8.0–10: Victorious.

Score for Pulse: 10.

1.6/2 for album sequencing.

Composition, Ideas, and Performance: 1.6/2.

Manufacturing: 1.6/2

Satisfaction and Enjoyability: 1.6/2

Performance: 1.6/2



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