Joeboy sets to deliver promise of providing free bus to lagos residents.

Joeboy sets to deliver promise of providing free bus to lagos residents.

Due to the recent increase in transportation costs, Nigerian music sensation Joeboy promised to provide free bus rides to Lagos residents. He has now delivered on that promise.

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the musician, whose true name is Joseph Akinwale, took to Twitter to inform his fans and followers of his plans.

The free bus service, according to the artist, would run on well-traveled routes in Lagos from 8 AM to 5 PM on Wednesday through Friday.

A fan saw one of the artist’s buses on the third mainland bridge today, June 14, 2023, proving that he kept his word.

The program intends to help people who are struggling financially as a result of the elimination of fuel subsidies.

“I know the fuel subsidy is tough on everyone right now, so here’s my little way of helping,” said Joeboy. The following routes will have FREE Body & Soul buses between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm during the course of the next three days. Enjoy the journey; I love you all.

Nigerians now face higher transportation costs and inconveniences as a result of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent decision to end the fuel subsidy.

Given these circumstances, Joeboy’s kind act and the fact that he kept his word have reduced the burden of many Lagosians who struggle with transportation on a regular basis.

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