Kambili Ofili shaping US Selected For 2024 Pan African Film Festival.

Kambili Ofili shaping US Selected For 2024 Pan African Film Festival.

‘Shaping Us’ by Kambili Ofili has been selected for the 2024 Pan African Film Festival.

Thus far, three Nigerian films have been revealed. This is the third one.

At this year’s Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), British-Nigerian producer Kambili Ofili will screen her feature-length debut, Shaping Us.

According to a recent report by Shock Ng, the film, which is co-produced with Edith Nwekenta, touches on themes. Of friendship, female empowerment, and motherhood as it examines and celebrates the beauty, complexity, and love of human connections.

A story of an African woman’s struggles with childbirth and the strain it puts on relationships is hinted at in the official trailer.

Including Floyd Igbo, Uzoamaka Aniunoh, Bucci Franklin, Omowunmi Dada, James Gardiner, Jordan Bangoji, and Lasisi Elenu, Shaping Us is written. And directed by Ofili.

According to the movie’s summary, Ara and Biodun are finally pregnant after years of trying guilt-ridden Ara receives the. Results of the paternity test she requested on the night the couple gathers their closest friends for a celebratory meal. This sets up an explosive drama as the party turns into a night of discoveries that could lead each couple to fall apart, for better or worse.

PAFF is an annual celebration of black cinema, art, and culture that will take place in Los Angeles from February 6–19, 2024.

However the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), which takes place from February 6–19, 2024, is where Shaping Us is scheduled to make its premiere.

In addition the cast of the movie is rumored to include Jordan Bangoji, Omowunmi Dada, Floyd Igbo, Kambili Ofili, Lasisi. Elenu, and Bucci Franklin, among others.

Shaping Us centers on a couple who has been trying for a child for a long time when Ara and. Biodun learn that they are, in fact, going to become parents, they finally dance with ecstasy.

Still, not everything is as it seems when Ara receives a paternity test result that sends her reeling and leads her to a revelation that could wipe out everything.

Source: africanworldentertainment.com

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