Kate Henshaw calls out CBN and President Buhari on the Issue of Cash Scarcity

Incensed by the current situation with the nation in relation to money and getting cash. The actress Kate Henshaw has let out her feelings.

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has spoken out on the issues heralding. The nation follows the CBN’s new policy and the new note disbursement.

Kate Henshaw, who is enraged by the situation of things in the country. Took to her Instagram page to call out the apex bank in the country and the President of the nation.

The actress believes that the CBN has been feeding people inaccurate information about how much it deposits into smaller banks daily.

Captioning the video, Henshaw wrote, “I am beyond incensed and livid! The @centralbankng has been feeding tales and spinning yarns to Nigerians and passing the buck when they are totally complicit! What was the rush for in exchange for old notes??? If you have certain people among yourselves that you want to punish, why not face them and stop heaping hardship on us? Even with the daily limit or monthly limit, one cannot access their money. One thing is for sure, the trust in banks has been totally eroded, and @centralbankng is to blame. Such an insensitive and definitely not well-thought-out policy. After you take photos with the new notes some of which the color runs, the note is very uneven, so you decided to hide it away… Totally despicable!!”

Henshaw’s comments are coming at a time when the nation is facing severe hardship following the implementation of a cashless policy introduced by the CBN and the scarcity of cash for many Nigerians.

– source: pulse.n

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