Kate Henshaw reveals she feared for her life during the 2023 elections.

Kate Henshaw reveals she feared for her life during the 2023 elections.

Kate Henshaw says she thought the 2023 elections might endanger her life.

A longtime government critic, she claimed that at the time, she went above and above to protect her daughter’s future.

The Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw disclosed that her family was concerned about her safety before the general elections in 2023.

In an interview with prominent media figure Chude Jideonwo, she recalled that her sister had cautioned her about being too critical of the election at the time. According to Henshaw, she granted her sister access to her bank account and the code to her safe in case something happened to her.

“I recall my sister telling me to be careful during the election.

I informed her that, if he says let it go, only God has the power to take my life. That indicates that I’ve done my part and I’m going. I informed her that you are listed in the bank as my next of kin and that this is the combination to the safe. Yes, that’s what I told my sister. In case something went wrong, she had signed some paperwork. She started, “I asked her to kindly look after my daughter.

Henshaw was one of the prominently engaged Nigerian celebrities in 2023 who mobilized the public and educated them about the elections by using her platform. She was very loud both in person and on social media at this period.

She even criticized the shortcomings of the Electoral Commission, and at one time, she faced retribution for her actions.

The Chief Daddy actress asserted that she cannot lead a life in which she is silent on the subjects she finds important and cannot speak truth to power.

She went on, “Because what is this life?” “People have died for less so it is better to speak your mind and live your truth than you be silent. I won’t say that silence is cowardly, but if God has given you the courage and strength dedicate my life to always speaking the truth.”

The actress also disclosed that her past experiences in an abusive relationship are the reason behind her activism and her willingness to speak truth to power. “I’ve been through domestic violence. My involvement in it is personal,” she stated.

“I dedicate my life to it, to always speaking the truth. And I pray that money will never ever be my lord and master. It will always serve me. You can’t buy me with money. I want to be able to open my mouth and speak to you,” she continued.

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