Kayode Kasum celebrates his birthday today.

Kayode Kasum celebrates his birthday today.

Nigerian director Kayode Kasum, speaking with Afrocritik, said, “Music is One of My Filmmaking Signatures.”

“I incorporate music into my films a lot because I love it so much” i tell the stories of my. Characters through music as a director – Kayode Kasum “With music, I become vulnerable in my films.”

The first feature film directed by Kayode Kasum that I saw, Oga Bolaji (2018), is a personal essay of the. Director that has been heavily altered for the big screen while Kasum is a filmmaker rather than a musician, he. Shares characteristics with the eponymous Oga Bolaji (Ikponmwosa Gold).

Kasum and Oga Bolaji share the trait of having remained with their mothers and remaining cheerful in the face of. Social pressure to succeed.

Subtly, Gold reenacts Kasum’s personal experience while Oga Bolaji moves between scenes, his mother (Idowu Philips) reprimanding him as a gesture of love.

Following Oga Bolaji’s triumph, Kasum went on to direct several full-length movies, including Dimble, This Lady Called Life, and Kambili: The Whole 30

Yards, Sugar Rush), which have drawn praise and criticism. Road to Spotlight, Roles Reserved, and Hidden Figure are just a. Few of the short films that Kasum has produced and directed.

Although the director’s title is frequently attached to Kasum, he has edited a few movies, including Ponzi, This Lady Called. Life, Oga Bolaji, and Sugar Rush.

In this exclusive interview with Afrocritik, Kasum discusses his infectious musical affinities, the attraction of working in a corporate environment before pursuing a career in filmmaking, and the growth in Nollywood’s original soundtrack albums (OST). He also shares insights into the creative process of Oga Bolaji and Obara’m (2022), as well as his soon-to-be-released film, Afamefuna.

Even though the majority of our talk was about movies, we periodically deviated to include Kasum’s eclectic musical tastes in our chat. Kayode frequently incorporates music, which he saw as a higher art form, into the films he creates.

In the full-length movie Obara’m, Kasum further explores this musical passion. The main actress, Oluchi (Nancy Isime), not only sings the songs in this movie, but also her father, Nkem Owoh, and a few of the character speech are.

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