Kcee explains his experience on people’s comments thinking his career has ended as he ventured into Gospel Music.

Kcee explains his experience on people's comments thinking his career has ended as he ventured into Gospel Music.

Kcee says:

“I am the epitome of longevity. The streets would remember me after I’m gone. Remember he who for so long has been killing them…”

The opening lines and chorus from rapper 2Shotz’s track “I am William,” which also features M.I. Abaga, are shown above. In preparation for the release of his fourth studio album, 2shotz forced his own flowers and reflected on his time in the business. This was ten years after he unofficially launched his solo career with his line on Da Trybe’s epic smash, “Oya.”

This group includes many musicians, including Sound Sultan, Terry Tha Rapman, and others. Musicians who were influential at some point when we were young and have remained so as we have aged. Refusing to leave the scene like their peers and developing into a mainstay of our industry. Being invited to every award show or conference without ever receiving the recognition they deserve from the larger audience.

Our teenage years were soundtracked by their music, and we saw them reach brief but significant peaks in their respective genres. However, when we think about legends or compile our lists of the “greatest,” they are frequently absent.

The following tweet initially caused me to scratch my head because I am not a big admirer of the musician or his style of music. But after some thought, I realized that included Kcee on the list of people who merit greater respect shouldn’t pose any problems. Particularly since, in contrast to the others, he bucked the odds to produce a more recent hit on his own terms.

the chances. Although he has a background in gospel music and has performed a few gospel songs. While a member of the band KC Presh, what are the possibilities that Kcee would use a gospel record. As his ticket to mainstream fame in 2020 or 21? Or would a 10-minute record once more be heard frequently. On the radio in an era of streaming music when the shorter the song, the greater its appeal?

Kcee, whose real name is Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, first gained notoriety in 2002 as a contestant. On the first season of the music competition show Star Quest with the two-man combo KC Presh.

They eventually came out on top and were signed to Kennis Music, the biggest label in the nation at the time. The group, which won numerous prizes, remained together for 12 years. Creating popular tunes like “Ose Baba,” “Sio Nkpo,” and “Sengemenge.”

When Kcee went solo, not much was anticipated of him because it was frequently claimed that Presh was the duo’s better musician and lyricist. Others claimed that their label’s hype machine was responsible for their success and predicted that, like a few other artists before them, their exit from the label would ultimately spell the end of their mainstream success.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the case for Presh, but Kcee had different plans. In 2012, he released the pop anthem “Limpopo,” which quickly rose to the top of the charts.

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