Lagos Police arrests five people for pirating Toyin Abraham new Film ” Malaika.

Lagos Police arrests five people for pirating Toyin Abraham new Film " Malaika.

Five people are detained by police for pirating Toyin Abraham’s latest film.

In relation to the purported piracy of actress Toyin Abraham’s most recent film, “Malaika,” the Lagos police command has detained five people.

“Malaika” debuted in Lagos on December 17 and went on to open in theaters on December 22.

However the suspects were paraded on Tuesday by Aminat Mayegun, the spokeswoman for the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), Alagbon in Ikoyi, Lagos.

According to Mayegun, the suspects were reportedly engaged in cybercrimes, piracy, conspiracy, and intellectual property infringement in connection with the. Illegal use of the internet to broadcast the film.

She said that Abraham and Seun Olayemi, the co-producer of the film “Malaika,” filed a criminal complaint on Thursday.

Mayegun stated that the petitioners claimed some parts of their most recent film, which was first available for theatrical exhibition. Only on December 21, 2023, had been illegally stolen.

She stated that the complainants claimed the elements obtained the film by illegal and fraudulent means, uploaded it to their. Website, and made a streaming weblink that allowed their followers on social media all over the world to watch it at no cost.

According to the spokeswoman, the complainants claimed that the suspects had violated their intellectual property rights and were illegally making. Money off of the movie while depriving them of their earnings.

“A joint investigation by the Special Investigation Units of the Department’s Anti-Fraud and Cybercrime Sections was begun following the. Petition’s receipt.

While the Force’s special intelligence and cybercrime resources were used to their fullest potential,” she stated.

Moreover the suspects were apprehended, according to the spokeswoman, as a result of these activities, follow-up coordinated actions by. Crack detectives, and additional case investigations.

What’s more Mayegun stated that Mr Idowu Owohunwa, the AIG in command of the FCID Alagbon, has promised to stick with his strong will to work with the Nigerian Copyright Commission and players in the film business to remove criminal elements from the area.

Speaking to reporters, Toyin Abraham said that movie piracy was the reason she was hospitalized and suffered from panic episodes.

In addition for the good of everyone in the entertainment industry, the actress claimed she has joined the battle against individuals who steal other people’s intellectual property.


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