Laycon spreads love on the street in the music video “shine”.

Laycon spreads love on the street in the music video "shine".

Laycon’s “Shine” music video features him spreading love over the streets.

However the Rapper and singer sensation turns into a street-based Santa Claus.

With his breakthrough song “Fierce,” Laycon connected with the Nigerian audience and caused a stir that went well beyond the reality program.

Laycon did not rest on his laurels after winning; instead, he made the most of his newfound prominence in the music business. However he marked the dawn of a new age with the release of his debut album, “Shall We Begin,” with an unyielding work ethic and vision.

Laycon makes a comeback two years later with his sophomore album, “BIOBA,” which stands for “Like A King.” The record serves as a statement of Laycon’s confidence in his own abilities.

Speaking about his choice to share love on the streets in a music video that will make fans think of Drake’s “God’s Plan,” Laycon said:

“For me, the Shine video was a way to connect my light to the source of its power. And the source of this power are the people, the people around me, you, us. I think we are the source of each other’s light and as we shine, other people shine through us and vice versa.”

Laycon shows love to the pupils by covering their school fees; he also pays for the fuel used by the drivers; and he covers the cost of shopping at the mall for people of all backgrounds and faiths.


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