Layi Wasabi says he always wanted to be a comedian.

Layi Wasabi says he always wanted to be a comedian.

Isaac Olayiwola, also known as Layi, discussed how a lawyer titled The Law served as the model for his alter identity.

He emphasized that he has always known that his dream is to become a comedian.

When I informed my class teacher that I wanted to be a comedian, she asked, “What is funny?,” but in his words, “I always knew that I wanted to do comedy; from school I had always been the class clown so I knew that this is what I’d do at the end of the day.”

Interesting enough, Layi is a licensed attorney by trade, and he claims that is where he gets the information for his stuff. He remarked that he gave his alter ego and other characters in his skits a lot of his personality.

“I think I started to do that lawyer character more,” he remarked, “because the persona is not just scripting, I’ve now become that guy lowkey.”

The actor added that by making his characters sound like people he encountered and heard while growing up in Osun state, he is able to give his characters life.

Further, he remembered his mother’s response when he told her at the age of nine that he wanted to be a comic. His humorous narrative claims that when he revealed that his chosen path of choice, “over her body,” his mother reacted as is customary.

Layi Wasabi, a well-known comedian from Nigeria, has asserted that he always knew he wanted to be one. In a Jermaine Media interview, Layi asserted that he has always been the class clown and that humor has always appealed to him.

He claimed to have been the class clown since elementary school and that he had always known that comedy was what he wanted to pursue. “What is funny? the teacher asked me when I said I wanted to be a comic.

Layi started making skits in 2020, and ever since then, his popularity has grown substantially. On Instagram, he has more than 900k followers, and thousands of people have seen his films.


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