Because of the harassment she endured because of her skin tone, Linda Osifo considered bleaching.

Actress Linda Osifo of Nollywood has described what it was like for her to take a gamble and go from. Canada to Nigeria in order to pursue her acting profession.

After growing up in Canada, the actress returned to Nigeria to pursue a career in Nollywood.

In a guest appearance on the With Chude podcast, the seasoned actress discussed her act of faith and the difficulties she had. After relocating to Nigeria.

She began by talking about her first visit to Lagos State, when she traveled there to host a show that never happened. After paying for her ticket, she was given the option to either return to Canada and resume her nine to. Five job as a psychologist or stay in Lagos and consider her options, which is when she claims she had her first. “Lagos experience.”

“We waited and waited until the point when I had to decide what to do next because my ticket had. Run out, so it was either go back to my psychological job at my 9 to 5 or stay here and not waste my ticket money since. I’m already here,  I can explore.”

She chose the latter because she had nothing to lose and stayed in Nigeria, fully aware that she could always go back to Canada. Where she was a citizen, if things did not go as planned for her.

Osifo added that relocating to Lagos was challenging. She had never stayed in Lagos, therefore she was terrified of the unknown. She was from Nigeria, having spent her first eight years of life in Benin City, but she had never been to. Lagos.

The actress then admitted that she had thought about whitening her complexion as a result of the bullying she had experienced as a teenager. Her account claims that she was bullied by others who shared her skin tone, which was very painful for her.

I always feel that those who get bullied, don’t get bullied by outsiders. It’s from within. Because if someone else says it, you may not care but if somebody who is around you, who you are always kinda seeing every other day says it, it hurts more. I was a teenager so I tried to. Osifo said, “Yeah. It happens absolutely. And it happens from your shade too, you know.

Osifo is renowned for her performances in well-known Nollywood films, including Tanwa Savage and Merry Men. The Real Yoruba Demons.

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