Mabel Makun: Wife to comedian Ayo Makun, laments bitterly as she shares her experience at the immigration office in ikeja.

Mabel Makun: Wife to comedian Ayo Makun, laments bitterly as she shares her experience at the immigration office in ikeja.

The wife of comedian Ayo MakunMabel Makun, has expressed great regret over the passport office’s subpar condition in Ikeja.

Mabel posted a video of the workspace, which appeared messy and unclean, to her Instagram page.

She appealed to the government, then saying that neither the officers/staff nor the applicants deserved to work in such a hostile environment.

Mabel made notice of the fact that, despite being one of Africa’s top oil producers and having the 11th-highest oil reserves among the top 20 nations in her caption.

“My encounter with the passport office of the Nigerian Immigration Service today. Location: Agidingbi Ikeja, 5 Assibifi Road. Nobody should have to do their work in such a setting. The applicants, policemen, and staff deserve better.
Nigeria is a major supplier of crude oil and petroleum products to the United States of America and one of Africa’s leading oil producers.
Of the top 20 oil-producing nations, Nigeria comes in at number 11. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here for the time being.
Godspeed to Nigeria.

Lagos Immigration Service has received criticism in recent weeks for their stringent policies.

Simi describes her ordeal at the Lagos Passport office due to inappropriate clothing
Simi Kosoko, a celebrated singer from Nigeria, recently described her experience in a Lagos passport office.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Adekunle Gold’s wife described how her appearance almost cost her entry into a passport office.

Simi said that she was instructed to go home and change before being allowed inside. Even being a celebrity didn’t assist her because the officials are still quite particular about her clothing.

Simi noted that she had to remove her earring and nosepiece as well.

Ayra Starr confides in Nigerian passport officials about her unfortunate incident

Ayra Starr, a vocalist on the rise, also had a similar experience.

In a video that quickly became popular, the Mavins singer revealed her uncomfortable encounter with the Nigerian passport office.

The ‘Rush’ singer bemoaned being told to pluck out her eyelashes. Before attending to her, the celebrity claims that the officials instructed her to remove her eyelashes.

Ayra Starr pledged never to forgive the officers after the incident.

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