Magixx Shockingly Confesses that he is still a Virgin.

Magixx Shockingly Confesses that he is still a Virgin.

Magixx, a Nigerian artist, has made an unexpected confession regarding his personal life by admitting that he is still virginal.

The musician spoke exclusively with HipTV about his love life. The artist answered directly, “I am a virgin,” when asked about his romantic status.

In addition, Magixx stated, “Me personally, I am a virgin, for real you can write stuff off of your personal. Experiences and off of other people’s experiences, so I’d like to see myself as a social scientist, a social observer.”

He also discussed his most recent tracks, Colours and Loyal, which were released in March 2023 as his year’s first singles.

According to the artist, Colours expresses his readiness to go to tremendous measures for a girl and his intense affections for her.

Loyal, on the other hand, explores the difficulties of relational trust.

In 2021, Magixx—Alexander Adelabu better known by his stage name—made his Mavin Records debut with a five-track. EP bearing his name.

He has steadily since then made his mark in the music business by releasing song after hit.

The lead single from his upcoming second EP, Atom, called Shaye, was released by Magixx prior to his most recent works.


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